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TJH has a 50-year history of making significant contributions to the closed-end fund (CEF) industry

*Past performance not indicative of future results.

Tom Herzfeld begins specializing in CEFs

Thomas J. Herzfeld Advisors, Inc. (TJH) is formally established and begins publishing the industry’s first research report on CEFs, subscribed to by global investors, financials institutions, pensions and governmental agencies for 28 years

Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler publishes his seminal paper using TJH research on CEFs, which later laid the foundation for his thesis on irrational behavior earning him the Nobel Prize in Economics

The Firm claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS ®) with indepedent verification

Pension & Investments names TJH #1 Top Fixed Income Manager of the Year*

    1968            1979          1984           1986           1991           1994            1999             2014            2017           2019   

Tom Herzfeld authors

the industry's first ever textbook on CEF trading and investing: The Investor's Guide to Closed-End Funds: The Herzfeld Hedge (McGraw Hill), followed by 5 other published books

First of a 5-series CEF encyclopedia written by Tom Herzfeld is published

TJH creates the industry benchmark for Barron’s (The Herzfeld Closed-End Average), still posted weekly in Barron's 

for 35 years

Female majority independent board of directors (75%) established for The Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund

TJH celebrates 35 years in business

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